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Upper St. Clair

Extended Day Services - Upper St. Clair
Baker Elementary School
EDS Phone:  412 420-0071

Eisenhower Elementary School

EDS Phone:  412 831-6359

Streams Elementary School

EDS Phone:  412 770-8356


Boyce Middle School

EDS Phone:  412 841-1367

EDS Administrative Office
EDS Phone:  412 221-1980
Kindergarten-Plus Program​

During the school year, EDS offers the Kindergarten-Plus (K-Plus) program for kindergarten students.  K-Plus is a half-day kindergarten enrichment program offered opposite a child's regular half-day kindergarten session.  In Upper St. Clair, the morning K-Plus program runs from 8:35 AM through 12:25 PM and the afternoon K-Plus program runs from 11:15 AM through 3:05 PM.  Both morning and afternoon K-Plus programs eat lunch in the cafeteria at the elementary center with their K-Plus teachers. 

K-Plus operates at Baker, Eisenhower and Streams Elementary Schools  and provides children with a full-day kindergarten experience.  The K-Plus Program offers a variety of enriching, hands-on activities designed to supplement and reinforce classroom learning! 

Children enrolled in morning kindergarten may attend the afternoon K-Plus program while children enrolled in afternoon kindergarten may attend the morning K-Plus program.  Kindergarten children enrolled in either K-Plus program may also attend the before school program or after school program.  EDS accepts all ELRC funding. 

Before & After School Programs

During the school year, EDS is located in all three Upper St. Clair elementary buildings - Baker, Eisenhower and Streams Elementary Schools and in Boyce Middle School.  We operate from 7:00 AM until the beginning of the school day and after school from the end of the school day until 6:00 PM.  EDS accepts all ELRC funding.

Our Before & After School Programs include:

  • Homework Support

  • Hands-on, Interactive STEAM Projects

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Character Development

  • Indoor & Outdoor Sports

  • Team Building Challenges

  • After School Clubs such as cooking and art

  • Local Community Projects

Summer Camp

During the summer months, EDS holds summer camp at Eisenhower Elementary School for children entering Kindergarten through seventh grade, at Streams Elementary School for children entering Kindergarten through third grade and Boyce Middle School for children entering fourth through seventh grade.  We operate from 7:00 AM through 6:00 PM throughout the summer months.


Summer camp includes indoor and outdoor sports, science, building challenges, theater, edible creations, movement, music, team-building, art and much more!  In addition,  we offer weekly swim trips and a variety of field trips throughout the summer!  EDS accepts all ELRC funding.

Our Summer Camp includes:

  • Swim Trips

  • Field Trips

  • Workshops like ceramics, karate, and cooking

  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports

  • Hands-on, Interactive STEAM Projects

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Character Development

  • Building Challenges

  • Makerspace

  • Team Building Activities

  • Local Community Projects

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