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Excited Children in Science Class


Words From Our Parents...

"Not only has the program been fun for him, but he has been involved in some projects that involved a great deal of learning. I have observed some of the teachers and find them to be well-qualified, caring individuals who work beautifully with the children and manage a well-organized program. It is a relief for us to have such a high quality after school program available to us."

"Thank you so much for this note. I am always glad to hear how my daughter is doing, but particularly when it is good news. I ask her a lot of questions, but she doesn't always answer them fully... She was SO happy, though, today when I got home, and she immediately showed me her award from K-Plus. She then carried her pink frog around with her all evening. I am just so thankful she is learning and happy at school. Thank you again!"

"The atmosphere of the program is one that creates an attitude of learning within the context of caring. This is not just a 'babysitting service'. We have observed our children growing in attitudes of tolerance of others and group decision-making."

A very high compliment (for the program) came from my daughter when she preferred to go to this program rather than coming home on the bus when that opportunity arose

"My daughter looks forward to attending the program every day, and she always speaks highly of her experiences there. The program provides well-organized activities, and she thoroughly enjoys the imaginative projects devised by the staff."

"I want to express my appreciation for the fine work which the staff at EDS have been doing.I appreciate the staffs' attention to detail and dedication to homework instructions. I also appreciate the decision to involve the students in community-service projects."

The staff has been excellent. They are positive, energetic people, talented at working with children of this age. The program provides engaging, age-appropriate activities and crafts.

"Our son looks forward to spending time with his friends at EDS and when we see a smile on his face as he gets ready to go to or is coming home from the program, it reassures us that the time he has spent away from us has been well spent."

"I just want you all to know that we are so very pleased with my daughter's K-Plus experience. She is being challenged and is learning so much in K-Plus. Mrs. Roberto keeps her and the class engaged and excited about learning. She is bored in her regular Kindergarten class, but the complete opposite is true for K-Plus. She can't wait to get there each day! We are amazed at how eager she is to share all her new found knowledge with us - she's proud to tell us all about vowel sounds and read simple story books, she loves to show us how she can tell time, count by five's and show us how much she understands money values.--all this from her K-Plus experience! I am impressed beyond words at how much the program and Mrs. Roberto are doing for my daughter!  Thank you so very much!"

"Thank you for the note!  She really enjoys the days she comes to K Plus!  When she came home from school yesterday, the first thing she did was show us the clock she made!  We have been practicing with her as well. Thanks so much!"

"I love getting the notes about what's happening for the week!  You guys are doing a great job with the kids and I know that my son loves being involved in the activities and I've seen progress with his numbers, letters, and interesting facts that he's learned! Thanks and kudos to all the Extended Day and K-Plus staff that work with my son!" 

"You both are amazing!  You made my child feel SO special yesterday.  She was thrilled with her time in K-Plus yesterday. Thank you so much for everything and especially for the positive contributions you make to my daughter's life. Have a great day!"

"I would just like to say how amazing this program and staff all are. My son looks forward every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to attend K-Plus. I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and love you give to these kids. Many thanks!"


"Thank you so much for the kind words about my child. He keeps telling us that K-plus is his one of his favorite parts of kindergarten!"


"Thank you for putting these Smileboxes together for us parents! My husband and I enjoy "seeing" what's going on in the classroom, and we sit and watch these slideshows with our son, too.  It's a nice way to engage him in conversations about what he's learning.  :)"

"My daughter has attended EDS summer camp for two years. She absolutely loves it and wants to stay at EDS as late as possible! The staff, the fun games, the activities, and the structure are fabulous! It is a well -run, organized program!"

"My daughter had a blast and would have attended every week if she could have. She is already talking about going next summer."

"This is our first year and the camp was run perfectly. I cannot wait for the afterschool program!"

"Both of my children thoroughly enjoyed their time at camp. To see their excitement to go and their reluctance to leave speaks for itself. Thank you!"

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