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Plum Borough

Extended Day Services - Plum Borough


O'Block Elementary School
EDS Phone:  412 509-8860

Holiday Park Intermediate School

EDS Phone:  412 639-9704

Pivik Elementary School

EDS Phone:  412 510-1665

EDS Administrative Office
EDS Phone:  412 221-1980

Kindergarten-Plus Program​

During the school year, EDS offers the Kindergarten-Plus (K-Plus) program for kindergarten students.  K-Plus is a half-day kindergarten enrichment program offered opposite a child's regular half-day kindergarten session.  In Plum Borough, the morning K-Plus program runs from 8:55 AM through 12:40 PM and the afternoon K-Plus program runs from 11:30 AM through 3:25 PM.  Both morning and afternoon K-Plus programs eat lunch in the cafeteria with their K-Plus teachers. 

Due to space constraints, K-Plus operates at both Pivik and Holiday Park Schools and provides children with a full-day kindergarten experience.  Children who attend Pivik Elementary will attend K-Plus at Pivik.  Children who attend O'Block Elementary will ride a school bus to and from Holiday Park for K-Plus. The K-Plus Program offers a variety of enriching, hands-on activities designed to supplement and reinforce classroom learning! 

Children enrolled in morning kindergarten may attend the afternoon K-Plus program while children enrolled in afternoon kindergarten may attend the morning K-Plus program.  Kindergarten children enrolled in either K-Plus program may also attend the before school program or after school program at their elementary school.  EDS accepts all ELRC funding.

Before & After School Programs

During the school year, EDS is located in O'Block and Pivik Elementary Schools and Holiday Park Intermediate School.  We operate from 6:45 AM until the beginning of the school day and after school from the end of the school day until 6:00 PM. EDS accepts all ELRC funding.

Our Before & After School Programs include:

  • Homework Support

  • Hands-on, Interactive STEAM Projects

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Character Development

  • Indoor & Outdoor Sports

  • Team Building Challenges

  • After School Clubs such as cooking and art

  • Local Community Projects

Summer Camp

EDS holds summer camp at Pivik Elementary School for all district children entering Kindergarten through seventh grade.  We operate from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM throughout the summer months.


Summer camp includes indoor and outdoor sports, science, building challenges, theater, edible creations, movement, music, team-building, art and much more!  In addition,  we offer weekly swim trips and a variety of field trips throughout the summer!  EDS accepts all ELRC funding.

Our Summer Camp includes:

  • Swim Trips

  • Field Trips

  • Workshops like ceramics, karate, and cooking

  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports

  • Hands-on, Interactive STEAM Projects

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Character Development

  • Building Challenges

  • Makerspace

  • Team Building Activities

  • Local Community Projects

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