Summer Training

Summer Training
(to be completed PRIOR to employment)

Please complete the following training prior to your first day with EDS. 

1.  Take the Mandated Reporter training below

2.  Read the Staff Handbook 

3.  View the Summer Staff Training below and take quiz 

4.  View the Pool & Field Trip Training below and take quiz

5.  View the Payroll Training below

Mandated Reporter: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse
The Department of Human Services requires that all staff complete this free, online training every five years.  Please click on the link above to complete your training.  Please submit to EDS your certificate of completion as soon as you complete your training.  If you have already completed this training with a previous employer, you may submit that certificate to us.  

Summer Staff Training and Quiz
Please view the Summer Staff Training and take the quiz. 

Pool & Field Trip Training and Quiz

Please view the Pool & Field Trip Training and take the quiz. 

Payroll Training

Please click on the link above to learn how to enter your work hours on your mobile device.